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AVRY is a bass music producer originally born on the West Coast in a small beach town on the coast of Oregon, he is currently based out of Denver, Colorado and has carved out a place for himself over the last few years in the Denver music scene by blending a style heavily influenced by West Coast rhythms and hip hop with heavy bass sound and synth design along with elements of psychedelic bass music and trap. As a versatile producer, he has a wide array of genres and styles that blend together to create his own unique sound. His vision is to bring an experience that will allow his listeners to leave his performances with more than they came with. The goal of his project is to constantly push the envelope and inspire others while pushing the limits of what we know to be possible with sound and entertainment. Expect to see more of this cat as his ideas are taken from the drawing board to the stage and brought to life.

Dozier’s sound embodies fluidity, a current of sonic vibrations with the pure purpose of transcending expectations. Chest pounding bass and infectious rhythms surrender listeners to an unrelenting journey through genres. Dozier seeks to break the boundaries of musical cultures, creating one universal language of bliss through beats.

Future Joy is an invigorating and refreshing addition to Electronic Dance Music with two albums and five national tours, Zach Simms performs on the saxophone while dj’ing with Emily Cooper on lead vocals. Future Joy is a stellar fusion of Electronic Music with a taste of Sax and Soul! Straight out of the Mile High City, Future Joy covers an array of sub genres in electronic dance music from dubstep to house to glitch hop to vaporwave. “The possibilities are limitless, and that’s something Future Joy proves in their debut self-titled album. A reflection of the Denver electronic scene today, Future Joy is a collaborative piece that pulls from many genres to create a sound that’s recognizable yet fresh. Iconic electronic music drops are met with some of the sexiest saxophone serenades your ears will ever hear. Future Joy are on a serious mission to get you laid.” (303 Magazine). Future Joy is the party you want to attend.

Halfway to Mars is a psychedelic electronic experience created by head Martian, Kristofer Artz. This project is an expansive look in to what psychedelics and sound can do together and how far the mind can go. People should experience themselves on this journey on earth as we are ‘Halfway to Mars’ enjoying our pit stop on this beautiful blue planet, our journey to learn about ourselves and others will take us to the end goal. It will ultimately take us home and this music is here to assist you in your spacial journey while alive.

Hailing from the mountains of Colorado, HU (pronounced hue) is Hunter Long’s vision of connecting: Connecting people, connecting minds, connecting worlds. The dissolving of separation between the neoshamanic movement and popular music, and healing the hearts and minds of the world through music and art . Music is medicine. Magic is real.

JusChill is a Denver native, vinyl spinning, hip-hop producer.

LowPro.’s music is built for a receptive audience. Tuning in to individual layers, interpreting the motif behind them, and releasing anything else on your mind into your limbs in the form of dance, usually. A strong advocate of independent music, LowPro’s intention is to unite good vibes, strong minds, and kind hearts together with music, as music has done for him. Abbreviated for Low-Proletariat, this music represents an underground community, inspired by critical thought, positivity, and respect. Let the soundscapes consume you, and your mind wander.

MIDIcinal is the electro-funk, hip hop, bass and soul music producer, Scott Rhatigan. Currently based in Denver, CO, Scott is constantly exploring new boundaries of his production. Often times including a drummer or a horns player during his live sets, you will find yourself moving to a mix of classic old school boom bap with a new age bass-funk twist. MIDIcinal has quickly gained a respect and a following in Colorado, sharing the stage recently with acts such as MartyParty, Turkuaz, Vibe Street, SoDown, Muzzy Bearr, Andreilien, Phutureprimitive, SuperVision and more! With plans to hit both the Midwest and the East Coast in early 2018, it’s advised that you keep an eye and an ear out for MIDIcinal as he pushes his limits to bring you what you need!

A multi-disciplinary artist, PhLo has created a following from his one-of-a-kind jewelry designs; enigmatic, crystal clear and speaking directly to the underground.His music clearly follows suit. Having shared the stage with Schlump, Eazybaked, Toadface, Sixis, Mad Zach, Chee., Proko, Conrank, and many more. phLo is determined, connected and steadfastly designing a stage and sound career as luminous as his jewelry designs.

Shuj Roswell is the latest musical creation of Denver’s own, Mark A. Cooley. Releasing his debut album, Flying High Above The World, on Michal Menert’s Super Best Records label in 2015, he carefully curates vinyl samples of 60’s and 70’s funk and soul as well as obscure movie soundtracks to use as a foundation for his production. Fusing traditional sample based hip-hop with warm analog synthesis and hard hitting beats sets the table for a sound Mark has come to call, Funktronadelic.

Mark is accompanied on stage by drummer, Eric Imbrosciano. Eric comes from a hip-hop, funk, and jazz background originated from his early years gigging in the New York music scene. He injects a whole new vibe into the Shuj Roswell sound from laid back hip-hop grooves to drum & bass breaks. Eric also performs with the four-piece funk ensemble, Jaden Carlson Band and the jazz-fusion quartet, Space Orphan.

In addition to his drummer Eric, the live band consists of Sarah Mount on saxophone and Matt Wilkolak on trumpet. Emcee, J. Shook, holds down the mic.

Shuj Roswell has performed along side the following artists: Michal Menert, Break Science, Exmag, Thriftworks, Daily Bread, Blockhead, Adam Deitch, Borahm Lee, Cris Karns, Birocratic, Alvin Ford Jr, Russ Liquid Test, The Werks, Paul Basic, Tnertle, Maddy O’Neil, Kevin Donohue (Sunsquabi), Mux Mool, Mark Farina, David Murphy (STS9), Marvel Years, Mimosa, Lucid Vision, Nosaj Thing, Funkstatik, and Analog Son among others.

Underlux has earned his reputation as a genre bending DJ, igniting crowds with his unique blend of musical influences. Having started his career as a hip hop producer and MC, his sound is as accessible to mainstream audiences as it is to the most devout EDM fans, marked by heavy bass with flares into dubstep, funk, Trap and DNB sub-genres. Underlux tracks capture the atmosphere of an exciting, eclectic lifestyle that resonates with listeners well beyond the doors of his shows.

Combining forward thinking with a heart-centered message, Vibe Street is providing music fans across all spectrums with the refreshing dose of originality that they so desperately crave.