Collidoscope & Melody Lines w/ Telemetry, Floatgoat, Mr. Bugatti (Of the Party People)
August 16, 2019
Denver, CO
Cervantes' Other Side

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and The Mile High Sound Movement
Collidoscope & Melody Lines at Cervantes August 16th 2019
With Very Special Guest Telemetry, Floatgoat, and
Mr. Bugatti (Of the Party People)

Supported By: Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House

Collidoscope is a band formed on the perpetual desire to bring something new to the table. In a landscape of producers saturated with the perfunctory “Live Band”, the trio strives to take risks where others don’t. Whether it’s the rotating cast of guest musicians, the seamless blending of genres, or the healthy dose of improvisational jamming woven in to every set, the band has a clear mission: to make every show unique—a one time experience that leaves the listener hungry for the next one.
The group has a penchant for 70’s funk, glitch-hop beats, big bass lines, and live instruments with a purpose. A musical gumbo combining massive drops with improvised grooves and raucous energy. Collidoscope puts their heart and soul into every show, and the result is palpable.

Melody Lines

Melody Lines is an innovative Electronic group from Denver, creating music that draws inspiration from all genres of music. Each song is completely unique from each other, there’s a song for every moment, and listener of music.
Each song is created by Vinny Crippen, and accompanied by Nick Hadden on Drums Live. Both Vinny & Nick have music degrees from CU Denver, and have decades experience.This band loves to jam and incorporates numerous live elements such as guitar, drums, and featured instrumentalists. Every show turns into a party with these two, but their music goes far beyond just that. Melody Lines embraces the power behind music, allowing sensations from music that evoke emotions. Funky bass lines, synthesizers, and symphonic elements are combined to make a massive soundscape for all listeners, anybody can find a tune that they can identify with.


Hailing out of Denver, CO and representing The Mile High Sound Movement, Telemetry, is a 3 piece power up trio strongly based off the idea of blending production music with live instrumentation. Creating in styles of Rock, Hip Hop, World, and Electronic, this hybrid combo is sure to having you bob yo head, tap yo toe, and thrust yo hips

A trio from the Mile High City pioneering the high energy genre VOLTAGE FUSION…

Mr. Bugatti
1/3 of The Party People
Mr. Daniel Bugatti is an American electronic music producer/deejay based out of Denver, Colorado. Specializing in composing various genres of electronica, Bugatti’s unique sound has definitely made him stick out in the Denver electronic music community. Bugatti has been active in Denver since late 2012, even performing at his first music festival Sonic Bloom in Georgetown, CO, back in the summer of 2013. Bugatti has performed in almost every venue in Colorado, and has established himself as a well known local deejay in the Denver electronic music community. Bugatti is also a producer for the electro-hip hop act known as “The Party People,” which consists of himself, Mikey Thunder and Benjamin’s Vibe