Zebbler Encanti Experience w/ sumthin sumthin, Untitld, ZeroGravity, Future Joy
August 17, 2019
Denver, CO
Cervantes' Other Side

Zebbler Encanti Experience
w/ sumthin sumthin, Untitld, ZeroGravity, Future Joy
at Cervantes’ Other Side

Supported by: Inside Out Perspective, Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House


End Trance: https://smarturl.it/endtrance

Out now on Wakaan is End Trance, a brand new EP by high-powered duo Zebbler Encanti Experience. The act is comprised of visual designer Peter ‘Zebbler’ Berdovsky and audio wizard Ben ‘Encanti’ Cantil, which first emerged in the late 00’s through steady touring with Shpongle and EOTO.

Following past material like 2015’s Inner G and 2018’s Id.Entity, End Trance is a striking evolution of concept and sound. With three original tracks alongside a collaboration with Mr. Bill, this collection is ear candy for the audiophile.

The opening gambit happens to be the title track: a steady, expansive beat that allows space for its fresh hybrid of bass thuds and whirs to develop properly. Its sequel, ‘Trance End’ is equally matched in tempo – throwing in some uptempo builds to contrast that low, growling bass line.

‘Outside The Box’ is literal with its design. Moving freely between warped melodies and explosive rumbles, the explorative energy is unbridled. Finally, acclaimed producer and artist Mr. Bill joins forces for ‘Inside The Box,’ which evokes old school trance vibes alongside that futuristic, neuro-tinged bass.

Encanti reflects on the EP, saying: “Aside from being our debut EP for Wakaan, it charts new stylistic territories… this release revisits many classic dubstep womps, but also borrows from the fresher neurostep sound, all mixed up. Conceptually, the idea behind End Trance is to break the trance—snapping you violently back to reality. This is very ZEE. In our sonic realm of psychedelic music where artists want to put you in a trance, ZEE is here to wake you from the trance.”


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