Potent Productions Welcomes New Artist, AVRY


Based in Denver and surrounded by a sea of talent, we at Potent Productions take pride in our growing artist collective. Each musical act brings a fresh perspective to the table and has opened doors to new opportunities for the brand to continue to expand and reach new audiences. 


So, it is with immense excitement that we welcome our newest member to the team, West Coast Born, Denver dwelling bass producer, AVRY!

A style heavily influenced by West Coast rhythms and hip hop, paired with heavy bass and synth design, along with elements of psychedelic bass music and trap, AVRY blends a wide array of genres to create his own unique sound. Constantly pushing the limits of what we know to be possible with sound and entertainment, we can not wait to see this project grow as AVRY’s ideas are taken from the drawing board to the stage and brought to life.



Be sure to catch AVRY at Cervantes’ Other Side for Re:Search Wednesdays on 12/12 supporting Nasty Nasty and GladKill!